APCO making a splash at the world’s largest Bone Health Educational fiesta


As an allied member of the Committee of National Societies (CNS) of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), APCO is proud to have been part of the recently concluded IOF-ESCEO-WCO – the world’s largest event in the field of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, frailty, and sarcopenia.

The congress, which on account of the pandemic, was held as a virtual event over three days from March 26-27, 2022, played host to 7,095 virtual attendees from all over the world, and spanned the gamut of presentations with plenary lectures, meet the expert sessions, non-sponsored and sponsored symposia, oral communications, and satellite symposia. In addition, there were special sessions, such as the eagerly anticipated annual “CNS Plenary Session” chaired by Prof John Yves Reginster, and the “Best Clinical Papers” talk delivered by Prof Rene Rizzoli.

APCO had a strong presence at the congress with both a curated virtual booth at the awe-inspiring Committee of National Societies (CNS) Village, and with several of its members, including Prof Peter Ebeling, Dr Philippe Halbout, and Prof Manju Chandran conducting and delivering Meet the Professor talks, Educational lectures, and Non-Sponsored Symposium sessions.

The Educational lecture jointly delivered by Prof Cyrus Cooper – President of the IOF, and Dr Philippe Halbout – CEO of the IOF, on “Challenges and opportunities in the bone field, an IOF perspective”, provided a brilliant overview of the various activities spearheaded by IOF targeted towards improving bone health across the world. The Meet the Professor session, conducted by Prof Peter Ebeling, addressed the critical, controversial, and currently hot topic of antiosteoporosis medications and their role in fracture healing.

The Non-Sponsored Symposium on “Osteoporosis management and its challenges. Commonalities and differences in three different world regions – Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America”, in which Prof Manju Chandran participated and spoke on “Osteoporosis in the Asia Pacific – Challenges and Solutions”, was the first time in the world that such a topic synthesising data and evidence from three continents was presented at a musculoskeletal congress.

To access recordings of all sessions and the CNS Village, Virtual Exhibits, and posters, register at



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

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Expert gathering to stem bone health crisis in the world’s most populous & fastest ageing region

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APCO members proudly ‘Stepping up for bone health’ on World Osteoporosis Day 2022


APCO HCP Education Modules now available in 5 languages, enabling delivery of best practice osteoporosis care throughout the Asia Pacific

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Launch of the APCO Bone Health QI Tool Kit & stemming the current osteoporosis crisis in the Asia Pacific – Channel News Asia interview with APCO Chair

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