The APCO Collective Intellect: Analysing complex metabolic bone disorders. Pilot Session of the Clinical Case Discussion Platform (CCDP)

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On 27 November 2023, APCO conducted its pilot session of its Clinical Case Discussion Platform (CCDP) which is set to be officially launched in January 2024. We are glad to share that it was a resounding success. The session was moderated by APCO member, Adjunct Prof Lau Tang Ching, and the expert panelists were Prof Manju Chandran, Prof Ambrish Mithal, and Prof Peter Ebeling. There were 2 fascinating cases presented by senior residents Dr Charlotte Choo from the Department of Endocrinology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore and Dr Muhammad Umer Effendi from the Department of Chemical Pathology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Aga Khan University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Table of cases discussed during APCO CCDP pilot session on 27 November 2023

The expert panelists skilfully analysed the histories, laboratory and radiological findings presented and lead the audience through the finer points of working up the extremely complicated cases. The comments and questions from the audience enlivened the session.

The lessons learned from this pilot session will help immensely in ensuring our first official APCO CCDP session, which will be held on January 29, 2024, proceeds smoothly.

The APCO Clinical Case Discussion Platform (CCDP), again as all of APCO’s ventures so far is a first of its kind in the Asia Pacific and will be a platform for medical doctors/clinicians across Asia Pacific to share METABOLIC BONE clinical cases that are challenging and for which they would like to seek management input.

The platform is structured around real patient cases (deidentified) that practitioners present, and an expert panel (2-3 panelists per session) will provide input based on evidence-based best practices, and treatment protocols. Through CCDP, we hope to generate a community of care providers who are exposed to a variety of metabolic bone disorders, and equipped with the knowledge on providing the right care. APCO hopes that clinicians dealing with metabolic bone disorders will benefit from the knowledge gained through CCDP. CCDP currently is targeted primarily at specialist healthcare professionals such as endocrinologists, rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, internists etc who deal with patients with metabolic bone disorders.

The Core Committee that is spearheading CCDP comprises of leading authorities in the bone field; Prof Manju Chandran, Prof Ambrish Mithal, Prof Peter Ebeling, and Prof Sanjay Kumar Bhadada.

APCO CCDP Core Committee members

The CCDP Expert Panel will consist of clinicians who have been chosen for their expertise across a wide spectrum of Metabolic Bone Disorders. Apart from running their current clinical practices, these esteemed members have successfully straddled both research and clinical realms, and are extensively published.

Timeline build-up for each CCDP session.

CCDP will be held on the last Monday of each odd-numbered month. It will be held virtually via Zoom platform. It will be a 1.5-hour session. Interested clinicians can register via the APCO website and they will be notified if their registration is accepted. Subsequently, these clinicians can submit patient case studies that they seek help on and/or can attend the sessions.

A screenshot of attendees at APCO CCDP Pilot session.

APCO is delighted to announce that APCO CCDP is now open to registrations from healthcare professionals worldwide. You can register and now submit your cases for selection in the upcoming session next year.

Interested clinicians can click here to register.
Registered clinicians can submit their patient case studies to APCO via email at .


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The APCO Collective Intellect: Analysing complex metabolic bone disorders. Pilot Session of the Clinical Case Discussion Platform (CCDP)

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